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With over 20 years of experience in the performing and healing arts fields, Sarah Blacker, Psychotherapist, MS, MT-BC (Berklee College of Music Graduate and Board-Certified Music Therapist with a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling) offers interactive, virtual 1:1 and group Music Therapy and counseling sessions for individuals and families of all ages, and all areas of need.

Blacker has worked extensively with children on the Autism Spectrum and with Developmental Delays and neurological disorders in school and hospital settings. She has also run group and individual sessions for those struggling with addiction, mental health issues, and anxiety, depression and trauma in inpatient and outpatient facilities. Her most recent experiences has been in the geriatric and substance use recovery fields, providing group and individual Music Therapy and counseling sessions for adults in need.

She provides a process-oriented, person-centered, creative, mindful approach, where each session is tailored to meet the needs of the individual in the moment and along a continuum of goals. 


Music therapy is an evidence-based form of treatment provided by a Board-Certified, licensed clinician that uses music-based interventions carefully selected by the Music Therapist, and aims to achieve individual goals for a person or group of persons in the areas of fine and gross motor skills, socio-emotional skills, cognitive skills, general social skills, emotional and also spiritual needs. Goals and treatment plans are created and documented based on an initial assessment by the Music Therapist and person receiving treatment. It accompanies but does not replace necessary or emergent medical treatments.  


Music Therapists are trained and Board-certified individuals who have completed undergraduate and or graduate level courses in Music (theory, ear-training, improvisation, piano, percussion, voice, songwriting) Music Therapy (5 Practicum courses at an accredited university) comprehensive courses in psychology and therapy, an Internship and a Board-Certification Exam.

Common interventions include:

Songwriting, Lyrical Analysis, Receptive Music Listening, Music and Meditation, Music and Movement, Chanting, and even Sing-a-Longs whenever possible.

Blacker also offers her individualized ‘Dial-A-Ditty’ mini-Music Therapy sessions over FaceTime, Zoom and Facebook Messenger, in the form of a call for you and a physically-distanced family member or friend. In these sessions, you can dedicate a song to a loved one and she will sing it to you/them and help to process emotions which may arise.

Now, more than ever, we could each use a little extra support. Blacker provides a safe, healing, musical space to experience interactive, person-centered and process-oriented Music Therapy, tailored to meet the unique goals of each individual session.

Finally, Blacker offers music for your (special) event. Planning a virtual get-together with you and a group of friends or family members? Blacker will drop in (virtually) and perform for you all. Originals and covers as well as requests available.

Music is good for your mind, body and soul, and is clinically proven to have positive effects on your physiological, and psychological health.

Blacker believe, #songssavelives, (spoken from experience) and she is here to help you in this time of need, and always.

Drop her a line to learn more, or with any questions you may have. Let her know if there’s something you be planning, and she’ll use her therapeutic expertise to meet your needs.

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